Wildflour Bakehouse  


Who We Are

We are Greg & Amber Schall and we are the owners and operators of Gigi's Sugar Shack Cafe. Gigi was Greg's beloved Grandmother and we are carrying on her recipes, as well as some from my family. Growing up, I spent hours and hours watching my mother cook and bake and decorate wedding cakes. She was a master baker and took classes all over the country. While I do not have these credentials, I do have the knowledge and skills she taught me and that is worth its weight in gold as she would always tell me. 

My background has been in healthcare, I have worked on the Cancer unit at Riley Hospital as well as at Peyton Manning and I have worked in the ED at Bloomington Hospital and Medical Specialties unit at St. Vincent. I have met many amazing people and witnessed enough heartbreak! 

I am currently a Senior at IUPUC Psychology Major and my husband attended Ball State and has been a ceramic tile foreman for over 20 years. After years of turning patients, breaking backs and ruining knees, we decided to put our passion to work. 

We have 6 children ranging from 20's to age 8. We are hard working people that just want to make a positive change in our lives and we figure as long as we do it together we can do anything! 

We are very excited to be a part of the Franklin family and look forward to meeting everyone! I am old school and want my children to learn the tricks of the trade so they will be in here working often.

Gigi and PeePaw